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A Motorsport Wire Service
for busy sports newsrooms

ForixWire by Motorsport Network puts the world’s largest permanently staffed network of journalists and photographers at the disposal of your sports news desk for a fraction of the price of staffing Formula One and World Rally events around the world.

ForixWire provides breaking news, editorially-led news photography, classified results, rights-free short form video and all the graphics assets required in page-ready format from driver helmets to race car liveries to deliver a comprehensive service for sports desks to quickly identify and ingest content into publishing workflows.

ForixWire is easy to use by design. We curate the latest news and provide an array of supporting assets so your sub-editors and layup teams have everything they need. And our content is provided for a flat monthly fee with no restriction on usage or copyright restrictions on photography or video.

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Motorsport Network
working for you

We have over 200 journalists across our 22 international offices at Motorsport Network who are celebrated for delivering best-in-class motorsport journalism in our own specialist titles and websites that include Autosport, Motorsport.com, F1 Racing and Motorsport News. Our journalists report from trackside at hundreds of MotoGP, F1, NASCAR and WRC events around the world, ensuring your content is primary source, written by experienced and award-winning journalists with deep sectorial knowledge.

Our editors at ForixWire sub-edit motorsport content to make it relevant and appealing to a sports generalist audience.

Motorsport Network owns LAT Images, the world’s largest archive of 13m+ motoring and motorsport images and their staff photographers ensure ForixWire benefits from an unparalleled news, reportage and archive array of imagery.

As a rights holder to a number of international motorsport championships, our OTT, broadcast and production operation Motorsport.tv has rights access to produce and syndicate short form motorsport video.

Every season our graphic artists create over 300 livery drawings of MotoGP bikes to Formula One race cars and faithfully reproduce (and update) driver helmet designs. These assets are uniquely available through ForixWire, together with infographics and other visual assets.

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A premium service for a tenth of the cost
of staffing a motorsport championship

  • One simple price covering all uses
  • Easy access web platform
  • Coverage of Formula One, MotoGP, World Endurance Championship (& Le Mans), World Rally Championship, Indycar, Formula E, World Rallycross, World Touring Car Championship, DTM
  • Time-stamped content, always promoting breaking news
  • A minimum of three news stories per day and five daily stories across all race weekends (approximately 1,375 news stories a year, 6,800 photos, 900 classified results, 150 videos and over 300 livery drawings, infographics and other page-ready graphics)
  • Semantically-linked assets and curated content to minimise research time with geo, driver and other powerful filter functions
  • Unlimited content downloads
  • Simple monthly subscription with enduring editorial copyright rights to imagery
  • Dedicated editorial team working 24/7 during key race events to support you
  • Easy set-up - subscriptions live within 2 hours - book a demo now!

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